Setting Up Your MyDiem Calendar App

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Follow The Initial Welcome Screens

  • First swipe through and read the brief welcome and set up information slides.
  • When you get to the Log In or Register slide, do so.
  • If you have never registered with MyDiem then click ‘Register’ and create an account.

Note – Even if you have registered with your school, you will still need to create an account with the MyDiem App.

Register For An Account

    • Check your email InBox for an email with an authentication link. If you don’t see an email, check your spam box.
    • If you see an alert that your email address already exists you reset your password from the MyDiem website.
    • After you’ve authenticated your email, login with your new credentials and you are good to go!
    • The system will then check for calendars and directories to be associated with your email address.

Adding Calendars

Initial View: You will see the monthly view. Some calendars might already be added based upon your email address.

  • Click on the options button (three horizontal lines) then Add Subscriptions.
  • Add more Calendars like grade-events or Parent Association by clicking on the Options button then Add Subscription.
  • Enable it then choose a color (optional).

Note – If you see locks next to the calendars that you believe you should have access to, you used an email address that the school does not have. Contact the school or re-register using the expected email address.

Link Your School Events to Your Calendar App / Google Calendar

  • On the Options screen select Link to Calendar App for iOS or Link to Google Calendar in Android.
  • It will ask you if you want to subscribe.
  • Click Subscribe.*
  • Now you will see your events in your Calendar App! Also, they will be updated when things change, get added or removed!!!

Note – *if you see a cost of $1.99 for the link, it is because you used an email address that is not associated with a school or the school has not signed up with MyDiem. If you would like your school to be a part of MyDiem, let them know!

Note – Changes from the school can take a day to show on your Calendar App in most cases. A school can send you a notification if there is a change within 48 hours. The MyDiem app will always be up to date.


Drop us a line. Let us know what you think.


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